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Tips for the holidays

Ready, steady, keep left pass right. With the festive season and the holidays comming up. Here are some tips for driving during the holiday season. 

  1. Obey all road rules, and carry your drivers licence with you.
  2. Plan your route
  3. Before you depart on your journey, check your lights/indicators, windscreens, wipers, breaks, shocks and tyers. Fix any faults found before leaving.
  4. Don't overload the vehicle
  5. Avoid driving after dark whenever possible
  6. Before embarking on your journey, be sure that you are well rested
  7. Try take a break every two hours or every 200km travelled. Get out the car, have something to drink and continue
  8. Don't drink and drive
  9. Be visible at all times - drive with your lights on at all times
  10. Make sure that everyone in the vehicle is wearing their seatbelts

Before going on Holiday.

  • Cut the lawns and sort out gardens before leaving. If away for extended time, arrange for it to be maintained while away.
  • Leave some lights on, not those that will show no-one is home. Built in day-night globes will ensure darkness is not an attraction for bad elements.
  • Ensure your mailbox is emptied daily. An overfill letter box s a sure sign to criminals that no-one is home.
  • Make sure your rubbish bins are put out on bin day, then put away thereafter.
  • Cancel all newspaper deliveries
  • Turn down the volume of the telephone ring
  • If possible, arrange for a trusted house sitter while you are away.
  • Advise your neighbours of the dates that you will be away. Ensure they have your contact details, as well as your Alarm monitoring company/armed response contact details. If they see anything suspicious, they should report to the police or security company.
  • Arrange care for your pets.
  • Remove keys from doors and pack away

Security Tips

Some of the most commonly overlooked security tips for each homeowner should consider follows.
For a more detailed list pertinent to crime mapping and suburbs, please log in and view the comprehensive list for your area. 

  1. Overgrowth is an ideal place for criminals to hide, thin out.
  2. Not all criminals look like typical burglars. Some are known to be well dressed, v agrants, job seekers. Remember many have runners who monitor the area before burglaries.
  3. Alarms. Please check their effectiveness from time to time. To many false alarms and your neighbours are likely to ignore then perhaps at your cost.
  4. Unlocked cars. Ensure they are locked and that valuables are not left on the seats, visible to criminals.
  5. Where possible, cars should be parked within gated security.
  6. Lock all doors at all times.. Do not leave gates or garage doors ajar or unattended.

The Do's and Dont's while you drive

While doing everyday driving, its always good to look out for a few things that could later save your life.


  1. Travel with your doors locked
  2. Constantly monitor all the vehicles around you.
  3. Be aware of people approaching your car
  4. Leave room between you and the car infront of you to avoid being boxed in
  5. Keep a safe following distance of atleast 2 seconds.


  • Dont stop at the scene of an accident unless you are sure its genuine
  • Dont enter your garage or a parking lot if you are being followed
  • Dont leave your doors open while your engine is running
  • Dont tell strangers of your movement plans.